What is the Barclaycard Travel Community

We're your new favorite source for sharing travel stories and first-hand experiences. Learn more about where you'll be traveling or just gather ideas from the community for your next adventure. Plus, you can earn miles for your community activity.

This travel community is like nothing you've ever experienced. You can earn miles for participating while connecting with like-minded travelers from all over the U.S. We keep it real with kudos so you can rate what you read. You'll also earn profile badges specific to your stories so you can find fellow travelers with similar interests.

Don't forget, the community is constantly adding new stories so if you don't see the right source for you right now, keep checking back.

Participation Miles

Earn Participation Miles for your community activity, such as posting a story with a photo or having your story “kudoed” by other registered members. You can redeem your miles for travel rewards if you are a Barclaycard Arrival™ cardmember or if you are not a cardmember, you can redeem for Amazon e-certificates.

You'll receive email alerts for each action that earns you miles, as well as a monthly newsletter and summary of your Participation Miles activity. All the miles you've earned to date, will show on your travel profile.

If you are a cardmember, once you link your Barclaycard Arrival account to your Travel Community profile, any miles you earn will be transferred to your Barclaycard Arrival account each month. You'll see they are referenced as Participation Miles on your statements. If you are not a cardmember, once you reach 2500 miles, an Amazon e-certificate will be automatically emailed to you.

Travel Stories

It's fast and easy for you to create a story, upload a photo and earn miles. Simply tell us where you went, then add photos and details like how you got there and where you ate. Want to share more? Add narrative.


Additionally, click a few category boxes so fellow community members know how you traveled and who you were with. Since the process is simple and automated, it only takes a few minutes to create a story. You can delete or edit your travel stories anytime you like.

Travel profile

How do you like to travel? Completing a basic profile about yourself in just a few minutes tells other community members where you're from and how you like to travel and you earn 500 Participation Miles! With just a few basic details, you can get to know your community members and connect on all the travel styles that you prefer, whether it be outdoor adventures or luxury getaways.