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Community Guidelines: We're all in this together

Your community manager

Before we get into the community guidelines, let's discuss the role of the community manager. His/her primary responsibilities are to provide the best possible member experience by monitoring activity and discussions, listening and ensuring we’re all living up to the spirit of the guidelines. The community manager will respond to specific questions and concerns and provide status updates to your questions ASAP. The community manager will be honest, transparent and straightforward. They will be respectful and recognize your feedback, but won't be obstructive and will let community members give each other feedback and share their experiences (good and bad). The community manager will publish content that stimulates conversation and provide useful resources. And now for the community guidelines…

Mind Your Manners

It should go without saying. However, community members should express themselves in a respectful manner. Any member contribution, regardless of form, that is derogatory, abusive, offensive, obscene, violent or otherwise deemed inappropriate is forbidden.

Honesty is Good Policy

The point of having a community is to give members a forum in which to make the card and community membership, better. Any member contribution should support those goals. Sharing false or intentionally misleading information is bad form.

Keep it Spam-Free

The community is not designed as a means to advance the business interests of any individual member or group of members. Good contributions help the entire community by providing relevant, insightful information or asking important questions. Contributions should never include advertising or marketing messages.

Relevant Is As Relevant Does

The community functions best when individual members act to improve the card and community membership. While we respect the fact that members have a lot of other stuff going on in their lives, site content should focus on matters related to the Barclays Travel Community. This is not Reddit.

Post Quality Travel Stories

  • Do not post stories with information and/or images that are not unique to you (example: taking pictures from Google images searches; copying a review from another travel site).
  • Do not post non-travel related stories (examples: your trip to local, generic chain restaurants, the view from your car while driving, etc.).
  • Do not post multiple stories of the same place with relatively similar information and images (example: seven travel stories of one museum or town with a single photo in each).
  • Do not post Travel Stories that contain irrelevant content and/or details that do not provide informational value to other community members (examples: content on common chain dining/retail establishments, content that details a day to day routine rather than unique travel experiences).

Ramifications for Rule Violators

  • Barclays Travel Community Managers and Moderation Team reserve the right in their sole discretion to delete travel stories and/or permanently ban a community member, without warning, who has exhibited behavior inconsistent with the guidelines and terms and conditions.

E Pluribus Community

Everyone is responsible for making sure the overall well-being of the community stays strong. This is why members will have the ability to inform Barclays of community content that doesn't follow the Terms of Use or Community Guidelines.