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About This Blogger

Tonya Rapley is the Millennial Money Coach and has been deemed the "New Face of Wealth Building" by Black Enterprise Magazine for her work with millennial women of color.

Priding herself on being financially savvy and fabulous, Tonya became a Certified Financial Educator after improving her credit score by 130 points in 18 months and significantly growing her investment portfolio and savings. Upon realizing she had a knack for personal finance she embarked a mission to inspire others take control of their future.

Tonya propelled herself to the financial frontier and founded in 2013. My Fab Finance promotes financial freedom by supporting financial behavioral change and offering relatable information that increases financial literacy. Because of her ability to seamlessly tie together finances and fabulousness, Tonya has been featured on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine, on ABC’s Here and Now, and in Women's Day, US News, Yahoo! Finance, The Root, and BuzzFeed. She has also written for,, Barclay's, and Go Girl Finance.

With her Bachelors in Public Administration from Florida International University and Master’s in Urban Policy and Affairs from Brooklyn College, Tonya is committed to social change. When she isn’t serving the world with fabulous, financial fundamentals, Tonya enjoys random acts of travel and proving that frugal does not equal frumpy.


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