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All tucktuck941941's Badges

tucktuck941941 has earned 10 badges!
  • Anniversary First
    Anniversary First
    Earned by 139,805
    Congrats on reaching your one year anniversary!!!
  • Second Anniversary
    Second Anniversary
    Earned by 124,888
    Woo hoo! 2 year anniversary celebration!
  • Third Anniversary
    Third Anniversary
    Earned by 58,688
    Wow! You've been with our Community for 3 years - 1,095 days! Thank you and congrats.
  • Fourth Anniversary
    Fourth Anniversary
    Earned by 2,451
    You rock! It's been 4 years that you've been with the Community. That definitely deserves a badge
  • Fifth Anniversary
    Fifth Anniversary
    Earned by 750
    Fifth Anniversary with the Travel Community wooohooo. We can't thank you enough for your support and participation. Cheers/Badge to that!
  • Kudos Received - 5
    Kudos Received - 5
    Earned by 2,784
    You've received 5 Kudos! Here is a badge to show for the appreciation you've received!
  • Stories Posted - 1
    Stories Posted - 1
    Earned by 11,543
    Congrats! You've posted your first story. We are thrilled you're participating in our Travel Community and can't wait to see what more you share.
  • Stories Posted - 5
    Stories Posted - 5
    Earned by 2,896
    You are on a roll! 5 stories posted so far and the crowd loves it. Thanks for your participation. Here is a badge to honor your milestone.
  • Stories Posted - 10
    Stories Posted - 10
    Earned by 1,873
    You've posted 10 stories so far in our Community! Thanks for your hard work. Here's a badge as appreciation. We can't wait to see what's next from you
  • Threads - 1
    Threads - 1
    Earned by 4,402
    This badge marks your first Thread interaction. Thanks for getting started. We can't wait to see what more you have to say!!