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we flew out of Honolulu International Airport flying Hawa...

Hokkaido, Hokkaido, Japan
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Here in Hawaii, there are a lot of travel agencies that advertise specials to fly into Chitose and experience Hokkaido for its breathtaking mountains and natural wonders, for the snow festival, but not too much emphasize the one thing that speaks dear to me - the food. Hokkaido is known for everything. They're known for their seafood, just as the fresh tasting uni from the shell, the furry crabs you'll see at the local fish markets, to the dairy products like the cheese, cakes, cheesecakes, soft cream, etc. They're also known for their regional furano beef as well. Be prepared to bring some yen, because this type of eating can get expensive, but its so worth it. Lastly, try soup curry - its like watery curry with all sorts of spices inside.
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