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some shipwrecks near the islands

West Bay, West Bay, Cayman Islands
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There are quite a few shipwrecks off of the caymen islands that have sank over the years. Its really neat to see how the ocean just swallows them up and takes them over. The life under the sea seem to really love shipwrecks. The ships are scattered about and some of them you have to pay fees to have special tour guides bring you down and they are really strict about not taking anything but there are some others that arn't so popular where its more lesurly to swim around and relax a little bit. Kind of erie but a real thrill!
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Bars and nightlife

Pirate's Den Pub
Nice touristy pub, pricey but in my opinion worth it!
O Bar Nightclub
nice entertainment with friendly staff and super tasty drinks LOVE IT

Points of interest

Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef
cool shipwreck and artificial reef cost a little money tho.

Special activities

Sea Trek Grand Cayman
a nice place to get taken on some diff sea adventures.
Cayman Diving School
great place to get certified in a couple of days.

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