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🌞set with my BOO 🤣

Key West, FL, United States
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When you see a sunset you may think of a peaceful picture or painting. What I think of is how much this world is nothing but a playground for us to enjoy. If you have not, STOP 🛑 and take in the roses, seeing a sunset makes you really appreciate life and if it doesn't you may want to check your pulse because you could be DEAD! In the Keys there are so many different beaches to choose from. But no matter which one you choose remember 2 things take more than a look take a look and a deep breath, then make sure you are standing by the one you love and tell them thanks for putting up with me or thank yourself for this much-needed break.
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Fort Zachary Beach Area
Its a state park so it will cost you $4 or so and but that means fewer people and better amenities.

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