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"Mirror Lake" - Lake Matheson Walk NZ

Fox Glacier, West Coast, New Zealand
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New Zealand is all about getting out and about and hiking. This was another hike that I found was a little unexpected because I was so tired from doing other small hikes around the area. These ‘small’ hikes aren’t as small as an average hike in the US. Most New Zealand hikes are minimum 40 mins for the easiest and shortest route (in my opinion). Even so, this was actually a gentle walk around a still lake that is famous for the reflection of the surrounding trees. The first part of the walk is accessible to wheelchairs but is advised to use caution because although well maintained there are parts beyond the bridge that are a bit too rocky to comfortably go along. The shortest walk is 40 mins round trip and the longest is an 1.5hr. Since I was a bit tired from doing another hike before this I stopped 30 mins in and went back to lounge at the very nice and expansive cafe/souvenir shop till my partner got back.
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