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"Lennonism" in Prague

Prague, Prague, Czechia
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One of the most interesting modern life sights in Prague we saw was the famous "Lennon Wall". It started out in the 80's as a way for young people in Czechoslovakia before the fall of communism to express their displeasure with the communist government and promote messages of peace and love through the display of images and words of John Lennon and the Beatles. This led to a violent confrontation with the police and authorities in 1988, who labeled the young people ironically as "Lennonists". The wall has endured despite the efforts of the government then, and is now a popular tourist site. The wall is constantly being changed even now to reflect the wishes for peaceful existence for the now Czech Republic and the world.
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Lennon Wall
Lennon Wall
A moving tribute to the young people of Prague who have expressed their dreams of peace in the world.

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