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i <3 Madrid

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
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My first visit to Madrid had me reveling in outdoor cafes, gorgeous parks, the speedy train and the quick pace of life. I enjoyed a week there during my spring break from teaching, and was hosted by a friend (American) who was spending two years teaching there. I was lucky to have her guide me through Spanish life and make sure I saw the best of what Madrid had to offer.

We spent several days seeing museum and plazas, with stops for coffee as often as I could hope for! While there was plenty of rain and overcast days, I still managed to eke out a sunny day in Parque Retiro.
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Points of interest

Palacio de Velázquez
This building is towards the center of the Retiro Park and often has exhibitions.
Palacio de Cristal
A building in the Retiro Park that is amazingly beautiful to see.
Estanque grande del Retiro
This large pond is artificial, but is still a delight to hang out at.
Bosque del Recuerdo
This area is a memorial to remember victims of an attack in 2004.
Paseo de las estatuas
This part of the park has statues from the Royal Palace.
El Retiro Park
The main and best park in Madrid. You can walk for hours there!
Calle Parque del Retiro
The main and best park in Madrid. You can walk for hours there!

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