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hiking the "Outer Loop"

Big Bend National Park, TX 79834, USA
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Scenery rating (out of 5): *****
Adventure rating (out of 5): *****
My husband and I hiked the "Outer Loop" in November. This hike is long- about 40 miles- and goes through the Chisos Mountains and low desert of Big Bend National Park. We camped three nights and carried packs about 50-60 pounds (because you have to carry all the water you will drink for three days).

Unfortunately, the photos don't do it justice since we didn't bring our nicer cameras (although we did do this again recently and will post better photos!). However, we have been many places and have to say that this is the most beautiful place in the world. Every mile of the grueling hike the scenery completely changes, and you experience solitude at its most extreme (we saw only one other group in 3 days). It's tough... but it's worth it!
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