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Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas
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Venturing around Nassau, Bahamas I ran into all kinds of neat stuff such as this old military place that

had some old cannons that looked like they used them to defend the island at one point. There are

also some cool lighthouse watchtower places that look like mini castle type structures. I really

appreciated the view I was able to achieve standing in between this set of old cannons because I could

see the crystal clear teal water below and the bright baby blue skies above me. This is the type of

place you really have to be there to understand how beautiful it is, pictures don't do it justice!
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Lynden Pindling International Airport
airport to fly in and out of Nassau felt safe.

Bars and nightlife

The Daiquiri Shack
This place is a nice little bar that serves cold drinks.


Compass Point Resort
located on the north of the island pretty clean overall.

Points of interest

Smugglers Beach
This is more of a private beach that stays pretty packed.

Special activities

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
This is the place to go if you need a massage!

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