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bike ride underwater

West Bay, West Bay, Cayman Islands
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Once you learn how to scuba dive then you are in for some really nice life experiences. Its a small learning curve but it opens up a whole new side of earth to enjoy and explore. Diving near Westshore my friends and I found a couple of bicycles that were on the bottom of the ocean. We took advantage of this unusual find and decided to play around on them for a little while in the safest way possible. I do caution to play around to much while scuba diving because it can be very dangerous! Try it you might love it!
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The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman
5 star luxury hotel for a nice safe nights rest.


West bay Diner
one of the smaller diners in the tourist district but good tho
The Cracked Conch
This is a unique place to grab a drink and a bite to eat 5 star!
Yoshi Sushi
fresh seafood caught locally and served for you to enjoy
Calypso Grill
any type of grilled meat you want this place has it!

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