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Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta is a city about 9 miles southwest of the mountain with the same name, the one you see i... Read more
12 3
Lake Shasta
What once began as a simple idea to store water from the Sacramento River with the help of a dam bec... Read more
12 3
Where Else Would You Watch a Sunset?
Stopping at Sunset Beach to watch the sunset seemed like a no-brainer while we were on the North Sho... Read more
47 5
Where the Houses All Have Names
Indian Beach
Indian Beach, NC is a very welcoming place. The very first thing I noticed upon entering this cute b... Read more
26 6
False Alarm
Hiking up from Varzea to Sete Cidades, the thing to see is the famous Lago Verde or Green Lake. Spoi... Read more
13 1
Blue Lake/Green Lake
Sete Cidades
This is the actual dividing line between the famous Lago Azule and Lago Verde on Sao Miguel island i... Read more
13 2
The Slightly Longer Way
We do our best to avoid overpriced group trips if at all possible. Arriving in the Azores, we had th... Read more
15 2
Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk
Haymarket NSW 2000
We love a good coastal/cliff walk. One of the most famous in the US is the one in Newport, Rhode Isl... Read more
24 5
Bondi Icebergs Club
It seems like a weird place to go as a tourists, but Bondi Icebergs Club is a unique tourists attrac... Read more
18 5
It Ain't Easy Bein' Me
Ragged Point
Ok, just one more seal story I promise. But we couldn't get enough ourselves watching these magnific... Read more
16 5
Lago Verde
Sete Cidades
If you have even the slightest concept of any romance language, you know that that should mean "Gree... Read more
16 2
Homage to Musicians
On Tenerife island, right along the coast, we found a lovely wall to set up camp with a couple of dr... Read more
20 2
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