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Tjornin Pond in Reykjavik
When my wife and I first arrived in Iceland, we arrived late in the morning. The jet lag was hitting... Read more
7 5
NYC at Christmas
New York
There is something magical about New York City at Christmastime. I don't normally like going into th... Read more
15 7
Beautiful Night in Texas!
Fort Worth
If you've noticed a trend with my stories you are right. My husband and I like to travel, like to ea... Read more
10 6
Boathouse Row Illuminated
Philadelphia is known as the home of Fairmount Park, the largest urban city park in the world. One o... Read more
11 6
The Money Museum Doesn't Cost One Penny!
Kansas City
Kansas City has many cool, free things to do. It's a great town to take the kids and family to for a... Read more
9 5
Historic John A Roebling Bridge at Night
Before stopping for the evening while returning from a road trip out west, I made a stop in Covingto... Read more
12 7
Great City Views Along The Ohio
Towards the end of a long road trip out west, I made a stop in Jeffersonville, Indiana to grab some ... Read more
13 6
White Dome Geyser
Tower Junction
White Dome Geyser is a small geyser and I am sure not many people actually know about it. This is lo... Read more
16 10
Grand Geyser - a double geyser
Tower Junction
There are six predictable geysers in the Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful is the most famo... Read more
14 8
Chilling At The Moraine Lake
Alberta T0L
The next day in Canada at the Banff National Park we headed out to another lake, in the vicinity. We... Read more
16 10
A private geyser show
Tower Junction
We go to Yellowstone National Park every other year and it never stops to amaze me. I never get bore... Read more
12 5
Guardian of the trails
Tower Junction
As I mentioned earlier, it is not uncommon to encounter Bison's in the Yellowstone National Park as ... Read more
19 8
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