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Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill is a historic neighborhood located east of the National Mall. This neighborhood plays a... Read more
15 7
World War II Memorial
The World War II Memorial was built to honor 16 million people who served during World War II and 40... Read more
16 6
Boardwalk Walk with Dad
My parents spend an appreciable amount of time in Florida. My dad is getting up there in years, but ... Read more
23 7
Short stories to pass the time!
I am so in love with this idea! We were walking around the airport, stretching our legs, when I saw ... Read more
26 7
72 miles around Lake Tahoe
Emerald Bay
Would you believe me if I told you I’ve cycled around Lake Tahoe?! All 72 miles of it. It took 7 hou... Read more
29 9
Rush Ranch
Suisun City
Rush Ranch is an outdoor wilderness area you can visit for free and hake along the marsh trail. Loca... Read more
28 9
Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company
Mankas Corner
Just outside of Fairfield, California near Mankas Corner you can visit the Il Fiorello Olive Oil Com... Read more
28 10
Gomer School
Mankas Corner
Located on Abernathy Road in Solano County, California, the present day Gomer School house is the se... Read more
24 8
The Forbidden Island, a Sunset, and a Whale Tail All in One Picture
During our dinner cruise along the Na Pali Coast, I was curious about an island I was seeing to the ... Read more
42 9
Beautiful view of Jordan Pond and Popovers!
Bar Harbor
Jordan Pond House is an iconic and beautiful restaurant with a beautiful view of Jordan Pond. You ju... Read more
23 7
Quenching your thirst at the airport
College Park
Everything that you buy at the airport is marked up at least a billion percent. That includes water.... Read more
28 7
Biking Through Acadia National Park
Bar Harbor
I have been lucky to hit up several of our national parks over the years but this one was especially... Read more
16 7
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