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Koala baby
Fig Tree Pocket
I was dying to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary once I researched it. I wanted to see the Koalas in r... Read more
1 0
Creating a long exposure in the dark
West Union
As everybody on here knows, I love to hike the North Bend Rail Trail in West Virginia. I have been t... Read more
0 0
Fish in a Tunnel
Well, this was a first. While hiking in West Virginia, I encountered 3 fish swimming through a tunne... Read more
2 0
A West Virginia Mud March
I have not been online here much lately because I just returned from a vacation and a business trip.... Read more
6 1
Flying Foxes!
Fig Tree Pocket
While visiting Brisbane, my friends and I took a bus out to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. (We figured o... Read more
11 1
Long Beach food court in Penang Malaysia
Batu Ferringhi
One of the great reasons I love Malaysia is the food. We found a place called Long Beach food court ... Read more
15 2
Legoland Florida Hotel
Winter Park
Both LEGOLAND parks in California and Florida have adjoining LEGO-themed hotels. The LEGOLAND Califo... Read more
14 3
Airport U-Bahn to Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof
The connection from the airport in Nuremberg to the city center have to be one of the easiest and fa... Read more
19 8
Legoland Florida - Still worth going to if you have been to California Legoland!
Winter Park
Our kids are big Lego fans if you can tell from our other posts! Having been to California to check ... Read more
23 6
Old and new of Montreal
Montreal is a very unique place where old and new blend in a perfect harmony. In the old city you ca... Read more
20 6
Quiet Side of Venice
It's been seven years since our last trip to Venice and lots changed since then. To start with, it g... Read more
20 6
Birthplace of Montreal
Pointe-a-Calliere Museum or more simpler archeological museum was built on the same spot that Montre... Read more
14 3
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