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If you are into bikes visit HD
Daytona Beach
This Harley Davidson store in Daytona beach is definitely known within biking community. Huge invent... Read more
19 6
Car racing history
Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach is known for car racing. The history dates back to 1959, to the first 500 mile competi... Read more
14 6
Visiting Spectrum field
We visited Spectrum field because we are from the Philly area and are Philles fans. I always wanted ... Read more
12 6
College Game Day
College Park
I am admittedly not a Maryland sports fan - I did not go to the school, and they are not really of i... Read more
18 12
Monster Truck Rally!
I will be honest - I would not have thought to go to a monster truck show had I not been offered som... Read more
15 10
Dublin Sports Bar--The Woolshed
This was inside of the many bars in Dublin. The bar was absolutely packed inside to the point that e... Read more
43 7
Hurling Match!
A local Irishman highly recommended that we check out the 'Big Hurling Match'. Not knowing what to e... Read more
18 3
Checking Out Another Resort in the French Alps
73440 Saint-Martin-de-Belleville
Right near the Les Menuires area is another ski mountain called the Val Thoren. And although I didn'... Read more
34 13
Sky Diving Santas
Port Canaveral
Every December Air Sports Parachute hosts "Sky Diving Santas" over the Cocoa Beach Pier to kick off ... Read more
39 15
Touring The Lyon Olympic Stadium
69150 Décines-Charpieu
When I was in France, I got hold of someone that had access to the Lyon Olympic Stadium. He informed... Read more
23 9
Staying At A Ski Lodge Overnight
While in Les Menuires, France for a few days, I rented a small cabin in the area. However, the day t... Read more
26 8
Field at Mile High
How did a young man, junior high, in Northern California become a Denver Broncos fan? I guess since ... Read more
51 17
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