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Acropolis Museum
Athens 104 31
The Acropolis Museum is, unsurprisingly, located near the Acropolis in Athens. It is a really recent... Read more
16 5
Cathedral of St John the Divine
New York
St John's is the main church building of New York's Episcopal Church. The building is a juxtapositio... Read more
17 3
Trinity Church Wall Street
New York
The Trinity Church Wall Street is a historic church. It is just at the western end of Wall Street ac... Read more
14 3
St. Peter’s Cemetery
Seaton SA 5023
Petersfriedhof (also known as St. Peter's Cemetery) is located at the foot of Hohensalzburg Castle a... Read more
19 7
Mozart’s Birthplace
5020 Salzburg
The most popular tourist attraction in Salzburg is definitely the birthplace of Mozart. His family l... Read more
18 8
San Juan Bautista Cathedral
San Juan
The San Juan Bautista Cathedral is in old town San Juan on the east side of Calle de Cristo right ac... Read more
13 2
Trucks in Myanmar
Kin Pun Sakhan
My wife and I visited Myanmar a few years ago, just as the country had opened up to foreign tourism.... Read more
14 1
Arriving at Tirana
Upon arriving at Tirana, we headed to a mosque that said you could tour only to discover it was clos... Read more
38 0
Praying time
My wife and I visited Myanmar a few years ago and we had a great time there. The country was just op... Read more
16 4
Shops leading to Schwedagon Pagoda
The Schwedagon Pagoda is perhaps Myanmar's most famous touristic spot. The giant golden pagoda attra... Read more
16 4
First Baptist Church of Decatur
My friend told me that we should stop and visit this beautiful church while we were in the Atlanta s... Read more
47 14
The top of Montenegro
We were headed for the Ostrog Monastery. It was only 100 km but it took 2.5 hours. Many parts of the... Read more
23 8
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