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Gambel Oak In The High Desert
Los Lunas
I really enjoy finding and exploring hiking trails whenever we visit new places - I learn so much mo... Read more
23 8
Last NM Civil War Battle
When I think of the Civil War I don’t usually think of New Mexico, but I found out on a recent trip ... Read more
26 11
Tome Park and Hill
Los Lunas
Tome, New Mexico is a tiny little unincorporated town outside of Los Lunas with just a handful a res... Read more
24 6
Los Lunas Rail Runner Express
Los Lunas
I travel to Albuquerque at least twice each year and have never noticed the Rail Runner Express unti... Read more
30 8
Quaking Aspen
Sandia Park
I have always loved the beautiful tall Aspen trees - especially in the fall when the green heart sha... Read more
33 10
Rio Grande Brew Pub & Grill
New Mexico
I fly in and out of the Albuquerque, New Mexico, airport several times each year but until this week... Read more
35 9
Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge
One one of our days in Paris, we visited both the Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge.The Sacre Coeur is al... Read more
28 5
The Hornos
South Valley
I have seen these igloo looking structures around the southwest as we travel, especially near reserv... Read more
28 6
Sandia Park
We love to hike - especially when we travel to nee places as it an excellent way to explore a bit mo... Read more
54 8
Daniel Fernandez Park
Los Lunas
The village of Los Lunas Parks and Recreation Department Daniel Fernandez Park is on the north end o... Read more
71 10
140 Year Old Railroad Depot
Los Lunas
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places is this original railroad depot in Los Lunas, New... Read more
51 9
High Desert Biking And Hiking Trail
North Valley
The Alameda/Rio Grande Open Space area is a popular destination for bicycling and hiking. It is in t... Read more
53 10
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