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Jack's Woods
Jack's Woods in Bastogne, Belgium is another place where people who are curious about learning more ... Read more
1 0
Somebody's Watching Me
Grand Junction
Heading out in the late evening from Canyonlands National Park, I put the pedal down to make the 2 h... Read more
14 5
Bruton Parish Church: A Visit to the Church George Washington Attended
The Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg was another building that I was excited to visit d... Read more
13 5
He should have been a model
One of the great thing about traveling is the characters you can meet. I was hungry after a long aft... Read more
14 4
Yep, I was paranoid, but was I paranoid enough?
I was actually in Athens when I read @Liketraveling’s excellent story on having his bags cut open wh... Read more
27 4
Seeing a piece of local history
Ocean City
I actually remember seeing a TV news piece on the machine in this photo. An old fashioned salt water... Read more
19 5
Ugly, but important
Ocean City
The beaches of Ocean City were beautiful. Long and wide, they just invite the visitor to lay out und... Read more
14 7
The empty boardwalk
Ocean City
Three short months ago the scene before you would have been chaos. Hordes of happy, but sunburned, t... Read more
34 7
This visitor center packs a big punch.
Cape May Point
I wasn't prepared to be impressed as I approached the entrance to the Cape May Point State Park visi... Read more
20 7
The disappearing point
Cape May Point
This picture truly puts the concept of erosion in perspective. A black and white photograph, taken f... Read more
11 5
Cottonwoods In The Canyon
Crescent Junction
Once upon a time on our first trip to the American Southwest, my family made one of our first stops ... Read more
17 8
Looking for Fun Souvenirs?
Halls is a souvenir shop at Gilroy Gardens. Gilroy is better known for the Gilroy Garlic Festival as... Read more
21 8
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