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Vivint Smart Home Arena
Salt Lake City
Vivint Smart Home Arena is the main sports complex in Salt Lake. It hosts the only professional spor... Read more
12 1
Not Safe?!?
New York
Safe is a relative word, right?? I mean there is a "guide" that shows you how to throw an ax. He's "... Read more
29 8
Making Friends on the Tweetsie Trail
Johnson City
I often travel to Johnson City for work, and lately I've been spending a lot of time on the Tweetsie... Read more
42 11
It is morning in El Paso-Juarez
El Paso
I took this photo at sunrise from my room at the DoubleTree Hotel in El Paso, Texas. This beautiful ... Read more
56 15
A popular suburb
Maple Grove
I have been to Maple Grove many times, once for a hockey tournament, sometimes just for fun and once... Read more
47 12
Skiing in Park City, Utah
Park City
Utah is not the most famous place for skiing, as I believe that name goes to Colorado, but Utah is d... Read more
27 7
Off to Utah, and a Waldorf Stay
Park City
This past winter I made it to Utah with a few of my friends. Although I'm not such a big skier, I re... Read more
32 10
A Big Moose Lake Outing
Big Moose
All the way up in New York State, is one rally nice lake that my family decided to head over to. The... Read more
37 8
Futbol Tennis
Buenos Aires
One of the things that I appreciate from Buenos Aires is that it has nicely developed a nice system ... Read more
30 3
Foreigner in a Muay Thai fight
Nong Han
The 7th and last fight was an international fight, a local Thai fighter vs. a fighter from France. N... Read more
34 3
Professional Muay Thai fights in Chiang Mai
Nong Han
For the remaining fights, the contestants were older and more experienced. They knew what they were ... Read more
22 3
Special Muay Thai fight in Chiang Mai
Nong Han
The special fight, where five fighters were all blindfolded, took place as an intermission to the ma... Read more
22 2
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