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Wynn Floral Creations!
Staying on the strip in Macao means you are close to all of the nice hotels and casinos. My favorite... Read more
44 2
Hotel Highlight: VIC Hotel!
Hong Kong
We had a late arrival in Hong Kong, but we managed to take the shuttle from the airport to Hotel Vic... Read more
44 3
Mt Ngauruhoe aka Mt Doom!
Tongariro National Park
Although the highest peak in Tongariro National Park is Mt. Ruapehu and it’s very obvious on your dr... Read more
37 3
Taranaki Falls Hike - Tongariro National Park
Tongariro National Park
Taranaki Falls Walk is at Mount Ruapehu, it’s one of the walks we enjoyed doing as it wasn’t difficu... Read more
46 8
Islam Karimov Memorial!
Located near the Registan Square, visitors can check out the memorial of Islam Karimov. The humble s... Read more
66 5
Golden Sand Beach - New Zealand
Abel Tasman National Park
Now the name isn’t it’s real name, but it’s basically what it is! The Totaranui campground is situat... Read more
32 12
Brunching in Pohara New Zealand!
I mentioned before that my partner drove us up and down that treacherous road leading into Totaranui... Read more
35 13
Ruins of St. Paul!
My parents and I were in Macau a few days and it rained most of the time when were there. Despite th... Read more
78 6
Totaranui Campground - Abel Tasman NZ
Abel Tasman National Park
One of the most popular campgrounds, and to enter you need to take Totaranui Rd which is the road we... Read more
47 17
Abel Tasman National Park - NZ
Abel Tasman National Park
Before heading off to the North Island, let this be your last stop on the South Island. A wilderness... Read more
47 15
Taipa Flea Market!
Bargain hunting in Macau? I'm in! We decided to check out some markets and Taipa flea market has bee... Read more
63 9
Street Food Scene: Macau!
As a foodie I really enjoyed my trip with my parents to Macau. We saved one day to explore the Cathe... Read more
62 5
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