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Spending the night with F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
If any of you are book nerds like I am, you will be thrilled to hear about our stay in Montgomery at... Read more
14 3
Wine and the Wolf
I was not expecting to see a stuffed wolf while picking up a bottle of wine at the Walkey Bay Spirit... Read more
21 7
Halloween Cruiseship Style
South Boston
As my followers already know, we are avid cruisers. We love to take cruises anytime of year but one ... Read more
15 4
2020 Mood in a Photo
This painting really captured my attention when we were at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, TX. I... Read more
23 6
The Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts is a massive museum located in downtown Houston. It is hard to overstate jus... Read more
17 7
They don't make them like they use to
Valley Forge
Valley Forge park is cool and free, so it is definitely a must to come and see this. You start off a... Read more
18 3
Cork City Gaol
A definite highlight in a trip to cork city. Beautiful architecture with a heartbreaking but true st... Read more
17 2
Nano Nagle Place
My daughter and I had a day to wander around Cork. The owner of our AirBnB mentioned Nano Nagle and ... Read more
19 3
History of Spike Island
We visited the Island on not the best of days weather wise but nothing could take from the interesti... Read more
16 3
Preparing to defend the battlements.
00193 Rome
Who doesn't think a catapult isn't cool? The little kid in me quickly surfaces whenever I see one of... Read more
22 7
They just seem to appear out of nowhere.
00187 Rome
One of the things I learned during my visit to this ancient city on the Tiber River is the fact that... Read more
20 7
Why this tourist trap is so important.
00187 Rome
The Trevi Fountain is, of course, beautiful. It is also an iconic highlight of any trip to the Etern... Read more
24 7
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