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Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
During a trip to visit family in northern California, we decided to plan a trip down to Santa Cruz a... Read more
85 4
Dirtbiking Through the Jungle
Throughout the Cancun area there are tons of all inclusive resorts to be a part of. It is a nice are... Read more
19 2
Riviera Maya Resort
We traveled to Cancun Mexico to participate in our friend's wedding. The trip was basically an all i... Read more
13 1
I was SUPPOSED to Take Photos of the Wedding
My wife and I attended an all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico to partake in our friend's wedding.... Read more
16 1
Hocking Hills Boat Excursion
South Bloomfield
At Hocking Hills there are several things to do outside of the cabins (which are absolutely gorgeous... Read more
26 1
Hocking Hills--Getaway Cabins
South Bloomfield
Prepare to go "Glamping". My wife and I have been going to Hocking Hills since the day after our wed... Read more
33 1
A morning walk through the park
When I was in Virginia with part of my family, we went one day to the city of Lorton, Virginia. Over... Read more
16 8
Te Pito Kura
Easter Island
One of the largest Moai every transported across the island from the quarry where they were all cons... Read more
20 0
Anakena Beach
Hanga Roa
One of the best beaches on Easter Island is Anakena. Depending on when you go it gets quite crowded ... Read more
17 4
Kari Kari Show
Easter Island
A must-do attraction while on Easter Island is seeing a traditional Kari Kari show. We were a little... Read more
17 3
Pohick Bay Regional Park
One of the parks that I visited with my family in Virginia, was a park that is located in the town o... Read more
21 7
Walking along the Occoquan
There are parts of Virginia that are really very pleasant and calm. And we wanted to head to one of ... Read more
15 7
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