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The November Third Memorial.
Addu City
Maldives is the perfect island getaway to many people seeking a piece of paradise. However I would r... Read more
9 0
Mexican Gold Poppies
Fort Bliss
While I was out in the El Paso area, I got introduced to these beautiful little flowers called Mexic... Read more
18 3
Xeriscaping is Beautiful!
Before I entered the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, I could not help but notice the beautiful xerisc... Read more
17 4
Feast at travel club lounge
I do not know why I have started posting all these photos of the lounges I have been to. I guess, I ... Read more
15 3
Canada Park
Beit Dagan
We spent the day in Canada Park which is a national park in central Israel. The park had a small ent... Read more
18 7
European Cafe Delight
Colorado Springs
As we were getting really hungry we drove around and found the European Cafe restaurant. This unassu... Read more
19 6
Chisos Basin Visitor Center
Big Bend National Park
The Chisos Basin Visitor Center is one of several found in Big Bend National Park. It is the spot fo... Read more
13 4
No shortage of fancy coffee
My favorite thing to do on vacation is enjoy fun coffee shops. Well, ONE of my favorite things to do... Read more
22 8
Rockin' Vegan Tacos
I had one thing on my mind when I went to Austin, and that was tacos. Specifically breakfast tacos. ... Read more
23 8
San Sebastián
Donostia / San Sebastián
After spending a few days in Bilbao, we made our way up to the northwestern coast of Spain. Along th... Read more
22 5
Great public market at Charleston's City Market
There are always so many things to see visiting the City Market with so many vendors from Charleston... Read more
16 3
Magical San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende
Of the dozens of cities in Mexico my wife and I visited, nothing compares or comes close to San Migu... Read more
17 5
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