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Medersa Ben Youssef!
El Afak
One of the places I really enjoyed visiting in the busy city of Marakesh is the Medersa Ben Yousseff... Read more
15 1
Sky’s The Limit Observation Center
Twentynine Palms
One of my favorite things about going to the dessert is star gazing, so when I learned about the Sky... Read more
34 9
A bit of nostalgia in northern, MN
In the late 1950s there were 4,000 drive-in theaters, and according to a google search there are onl... Read more
19 7
Gas Station Memories Turn to the Arts
The M.D. Garage at Boston, Ohio, in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, has the look of a gas station... Read more
13 5
Boston Store Visitor Center on the Canal
The Boston Store Visitor Center in Cuyahoga Valley National Park dates from the era when it was stop... Read more
10 2
Remnants of the Ohio and Erie
The Ohio and Erie Canal, once an important commercial waterway in the very young state of Ohio at th... Read more
9 2
After walking all day we were ready for this place!
New York
After walking what seemed like the equivalent of a half marathon, we were headed back to our hotel a... Read more
18 3
Exploring Phimeanakas
Angkor Thum
Phimeanakas again resembles the temples of Ta Keo and Baphuon – a single massive pyramid-like block ... Read more
33 3
The mountain-like temple of Baphuon
Angkor Thum
My wife and I left Bayon and walked towards the long elevated causeway that leads to Baphuon. Resemb... Read more
24 4
The faces of Bayon
Preah Dak
It’s hard to describe how magnificent the face towers of Bayon were. From far away they looked small... Read more
13 2
Exploring the Bayon
Preah Dak
My wife and I started our visit by exploring the outer and inner galleries, where bas-relief told th... Read more
16 3
Bayon the city of many faces
Preah Dak
My first reaction when seeing Bayon was WOW! It looked phenomenal, different than anything my wife a... Read more
10 2
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