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Key West - Polydactyl Kittens, Free Range Chickens and the Sea
Key West
Beautiful beaches aside, Key West boasts additional attractions that I knew nothing about prior to m... Read more
13 1
A South Florida Sunset over the Intracoastal
Briny Breezes
South Florida’s Intracoastal waterway is the body of water which separates the barrier islands/beach... Read more
13 5
Air Canada Rouge Sighting!
We love seeing airlines that are rare to us! You know, the ones we don’t see at or around our home. ... Read more
14 4
Silver Airways' Main Hub
You probably haven’t heard of Silver Airways and their small-ish fleet of turboprop aircraft, but th... Read more
9 4
Flying Silver Airways to Grand Bahama Island
Silver offers more flights than any other airline between the US and the Bahamas, even more than Bah... Read more
13 4
Disney Springs Lake Buena Vista Florida
Lake Buena Vista
Disney springs in Lake Buena Vista Florida has just about everything you need when it comes to dinin... Read more
14 4
St. Thomas with toddlers
St. Thomas
Back in the Winter of 2017, 4 families (each with 1-2 toddlers/babies each) traveled to St. Croix fo... Read more
17 0
The Legos Store in Disney Springs
Lake Buena Vista
The Legos Store in Disney Springs is a “must stop” every time we visit the area. It seems to be one ... Read more
17 3
Starfish Rental
Rum Point
Since we're on the subject of Starfish, here's a different species we encountered at Rum Point. I've... Read more
15 6
Blue Dragon Trail
Rum Point
One thing you will notice on Grand Cayman if you get around at all, is you will often spot big multi... Read more
16 6
Turn It Down!
Rum Point
I confess I have a bit of a issue sometimes with other people's music. Now I enjoy listening to musi... Read more
19 6
Starfish Everywhere
Rum Point
We drove our rental car over to Rum Point from Georgetown a couple of different days to relax on the... Read more
20 7
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