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Pipefish on Sunken wreck
This is a Pipefish. The pipefish was seen on a sunken wreck off the coast line. There are tons of su... Read more
11 5
The Promenade
While in a place called “Seaside,” the main draw one would think would be the sea….or, in this case,... Read more
19 11
St Lucia - Pigeon Island National Park
Saint Lucia
When we arrived to st Lucia, we found a taxi driver to take us to pigeon island national park and ar... Read more
16 5
Traveling on the Cheap - Seven Miles of Heaven
George Town
A lot of people assume you have to take a pricey excursion in order to have a good day in port from ... Read more
28 9
Wright Brothers Memorial
Kill Devil Hills
The Orville and Wilbur Wright Brothers Memorial Park is a good place to take your family for a fun a... Read more
25 9
Snorkeling on Coco Cay
On the private island of Coco Cay, developed for the Royal Caribbean Cruise line, you can head to th... Read more
25 12
Royal Caribbean Private Island
I love when the cruise ships have private islands. The beaches are usually less crowded, better tend... Read more
23 12
Traveling on the Cheap - Driving Around Cozumel
Quintana Roo
The biggest recommendation I have for Cozumel is to get away from the cruise port. We like to rent a... Read more
43 6
The Beach of the Midwest
South Haven
Normally people don’t associate the Midwest with beaches of any kind. However, most people don’t rea... Read more
17 5
History of Isle of Palms
Isle of Palms
Isle of Palms is a beatiful beach town located 30 minutes away from Charleston, South Carolina. I st... Read more
17 7
Crystal Clear Waters of Martinique
I’ve always loved to snorkel. Every time I would go, the one thing I wanted to see was a sea turtle.... Read more
15 4
Beautiful St Kitts
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Of all the Caribbean ports I’ve been too, st Kitts is definitely in the top 3 favorite islands. The ... Read more
14 8
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