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Music in the Park?  Not on this Night, Pal
Wildwood Crest
Wildwood Crest, NJ is a summertime hangout spot and, as such, it offers many things to keep people e... Read more
11 6
Keep the Jersey Shore Beautiful
Wildwood Crest
Wildwood Crest can epitomize the "Jersey Shore." It's a popular beach destination for young folks an... Read more
11 4
Colors of La Mola
El Pilar de la Mola
The area of La Mola offers no shortage of unique views. After all there probably are not many places... Read more
16 8
Honeymoon Island State Park
Driving to Honeymoon Island can be a huge pain the neck! But as soon as you step foot on that Island... Read more
16 7
Clearwater Beach
This has been one of my favorite beaches in Florida, the name speaks for itself! Stunning beach with... Read more
19 7
Beach Volleyball...but not for me
North Wildwood
North Wildwood, NJ is a vibrant beach town offering lots of activities involving the sun, surf, and ... Read more
24 7
Palma Sola Botanical Park
One of the unknown gems in Bradenton is the Palma Sola Botanical Park close to the Robinson Preserve... Read more
17 6
Uninvited guests
Longboat Key
We took our friends' boat out for the day, traveling mostly along Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island... Read more
16 6
Say hello to manatees
Anna Maria
When we spent a weekend with friends in Cape Coral we realized that the famous red tide came back to... Read more
15 6
Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica
This was a great place to go and hang out and just walk around and watch the waves roll in as well a... Read more
17 5
Fraser Island
Fraser Island
I did the 4WD optional tour where we got to plenty of sites. We first went to Lake McKenzie. It is a... Read more
31 11
Great Place For Walking - Confederation Park
Confederation Park near Hamilton, Ontario Canada, is a great place for outdoor activities. It has a ... Read more
30 12
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