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The November Third Memorial.
Addu City
Maldives is the perfect island getaway to many people seeking a piece of paradise. However I would r... Read more
9 0
Spider Rock Overlook
The most iconic photo of Canyon de Chelly National Monument is definitely the Spider Rock Overlook a... Read more
8 1
Painted desert rim view
Its time to get back to Arizona as so much of my photos is still not shared in the forum. While doin... Read more
19 1
The beautiful Arcade
I do not remember if I have written a story about the historic Cleveland Arcade. Today, while browsi... Read more
12 1
Mexican Gold Poppies
Fort Bliss
While I was out in the El Paso area, I got introduced to these beautiful little flowers called Mexic... Read more
18 3
Xeriscaping is Beautiful!
Before I entered the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, I could not help but notice the beautiful xerisc... Read more
17 4
Crowded Plaza Premium Lounge
Hong Kong Island
Airport lounges in Asia can put any US airport lounges to shame (except Amex Centurian Lounge of cou... Read more
13 3
A beautiful trail
Rocky River
Some time back one of our regular members posted a story about the Rocky River Reservation. Today I ... Read more
15 5
It all depends
Turns out that the activities on the Royal Caribbean's cruises really depend on the cruise ship itse... Read more
16 5
Canada Park
Beit Dagan
We spent the day in Canada Park which is a national park in central Israel. The park had a small ent... Read more
18 7
A shower in the airport - oh yes
Hong Kong Island
As I mentioned in my last story it was an awesome stop at the Plaza Premium lounge in Hong Kong Inte... Read more
17 6
Spending some quality time in Plaza premium lounge
Hong Kong Island
This is a story from my last trip to Asia and for some reason, I forgot to share this to all of you ... Read more
18 6
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