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Mystery Spot
Santa Cruz
This place is located in Santa Cruz, CA. I have been to this place once when I first landed in CA. I... Read more
15 2
Wine Cellars in Czechia
Kutna Hora
Vinné Sklepy Kutná Hora which basically means Wine Cellars of Kutna Hora is a cute little place loca... Read more
20 1
Toltec (?) plant vases
Residencial del Bosque
Although Cholula has its famed humongous scale pyramid, the pyramid is not fully excavated and it is... Read more
18 2
The best chilaquiles in Chicago
So I live in Chicago. While this isn't exactly a "travel story," I'm well aware that this city draws... Read more
23 0
Views of San Pedro Cholula and San Andres Cholula
Residencial del Bosque
Once you walk up to the pyramid, you can have commanding views of San Pedro Cholula and San Andres C... Read more
11 3
Colorful tourist buses of San Pedro Cholula
San Pablo Tecamac
The village of Cholula is centered around the pyramid and it seems like the city is a planned city a... Read more
13 3
Pastel colored neighborhood of Cholula
San Pablo Tecamac
When I traveled to Choulua where its pyramid and iglesia atop the mound made by the pyramid are famo... Read more
13 1
Airboat Tour to see some Gators
Miami Beach
We went on a semi-private trip today. It was an awesome trip that was just long enough at an hour. O... Read more
13 1
Tulum, Ruinas Mayas
I was very excited to go to Tulum because I really love ruins and I also really love Mexico. I only ... Read more
17 3
Coral Castle
The story behind this historic place is a testament to the blind love a man can have for a woman. Al... Read more
14 3
Chocolate Heaven
Kutna Hora
Chocolate Museum & Chocolaterie is a chocolate store and has a cute little chocolate museum in the b... Read more
17 0
Block Island
New Shoreham
Located just off of the mainland of Rhode Island is an actual island called Block Island, it is know... Read more
11 3
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