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beach camping- South Padre

South Padre Island, TX 78597, USA
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After hearing many of my coworkers talk about their kid's spring break this year, I started to get a little cabin fever. Fortunately, a balmy beach was within driving distance for my husband and I. We decided to take a weekend trip to South Padre Island, TX and camp on the beach to save a little money.

The idea of beach camping draws very polarized reactions from most people. Some people think it sounds very romantic, whereas to others it screams itchy sand and bugs. We actually did try to camp at South Padre a few years ago and had to relocate to a hotel because of strong winds. However, this time the weather was great (only a light breeze) and comfortable to sleep in (mid 60s).

And, I have to say, it was pretty romantic! You can drive onto the beach north of the town, and we saw very few people out there (and there are no hotels or businesses, either). You can also build a campfire, which is a rare luxury. We really enjoyed sitting around the campfire and drinking a bottle of wine while listening to the waves crash right by our tent.

And, in the morning, you can take a (cold) shower at one of the nearby parks, as well as pickup breakfast or a picnic lunch anywhere around town. Will I do this again? Definitely!
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by cboothe83


Very cool. Had a similar experience on the North Carolina Outer Banks. Love beach camping.

by daniel1234


Sounds awesome, thanks for sharing!