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Zuni Cafe - San Francisco

San Francisco, CA, United States
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We were given a recommendation to dine at the Zuni Café on Market Street in San Francisco. We were told to order the chicken from the brick oven, which takes 60 minutes to prepare. We thought, sounds good, why not? So after our jumping off of our broken cable car, we hailed a cab to take us to this reservation. We started our lunch with roasted figs with creamy goat cheese and silky carrot soup. Then we waited a bit for this delicious wood-fired brick oven chicken for two, accompanied by warm bread salad, greens, scallions, garlic, dried currants and pine nuts. Ok people, some things in life are worth the wait, and this is one of them. The chicken was so juicy and slide off of the bone. The flavors melded together perfectly. We paired this with a glass of white wine and savored every last bite. Do yourself a favor…go to Zuni Café and get the chicken for two.
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Zuni Café.
Got the famous wood-fired brick oven chicken. This is to die for!

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