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Grainau, BY, Germany
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Zugspitze Is the highest mountain in Germany and sits right on the border with Austria. We were spending time touring the region, and just had to get up in the Alps and experience this place ourselves. I will be honest and say that I did not climb it with my partner (who is nuts) but as you can see from the pic, the views are pretty great if you spend some cash and take the tram up!

There’s a place to get food and beer at the top, which is a thing I have run into in Germany an few times and love, and it’s really cool to sit on top of the highest mountain in the country. I really can’t get enough of the Alps!
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Haus Sonnenschein
This is a nice little hotel in Grainau in Germany

Points of interest

Grainau is a nice little town with cute hotels and a good location.
This lake is really beautiful with the alps In The background.
This is another gorgeous peak in the alps to check out.
Zugspitze Is the highest peak 8n Germany and borders Austria.

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Garmisch is where my mother lives. Will be there in two weeks...agree with you, the alps are awesome!!