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Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke, Hoi Hoi Hoi! Getting Loud and Proud at The Hofbrauhaus Chicago in Rosemont

Rosemont, IL, United States
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Although the Hofbrauhaus is kind of a chain imported straight from Germany, we don't really have much in the way of giant German beer halls so it fits the bill when me and the family want to get loud and rowdy during dinner or entertain amenable friends from out of town. It's also great that we don't have to worry about the kids being too loud as it's always bustling in there. We took a chance on the Hofbrauhaus nearly a decade ago and make the trek out a couple times a year. I love coming on a weekend in the evening as that's when it gets really loud and entertaining. They often import bands and tap the local German community for entertainment, dancing and oompah music. They of course have beer brewed on site and feature monster wrist-breaking steins of beer in 32oz glasses or a giant clear acrylic leg. Maybe 64oz? Never drank one but you get to take it home I think. Heck of a place for birthday parties and getting together with family and friends. When the band is kicking up a storm, they occasionally stop and demand everyone get up on their benches and make some noise. I admit it's a bit more pricey than the average place but so much more worth it. Don't forget to RAISE YOUR STEIN! Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!
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Hofbräuhaus Chicago
If you want to drink the night away in Dunkel or Hefeweizen bliss with awesome German food and boisterous entertainment, look no further.

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