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La Cambe, Normandy, France
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When you visit the Normandy area of France, you might be there looking for a family member who is buried there in order to pay your respects. The American Cemetery that is famous in this area has a computerized system that allows you to look up the plot number of loved ones, making it easy to locate them and gather background information that you may have not known. This lesser known German cemetery has two books on the wall that allows you to look up the name and plot location. I guess that this was interesting to me because this cemetery was originally Americans who were later moved back stateside or to the neighboring American cemetery. Also, so many of the graves were marked Ein Deutscher Soldat, showing that the remains were unidentifiable. I wouldn't have thought that in enemy territory, the remains of these soldiers would be given so much care as to find out who they were and to provide the information to their loved ones. I think that it speaks volumes that they were taken care of!
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