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Yep, I was paranoid, but was I paranoid enough?

Spata, Greece
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I was actually in Athens when I read @Liketraveling’s excellent story on having his bags cut open while traveling from Athens's airport recently (just for the record Liketraveling, I didn't do it)! Fortunately, the would be thieves got nothing from him as he was well prepared. On my way back to the airport, taking the very same train he did, I prepared myself to run the gauntlet. Beyond the usual precautions I take while traveling, such as using zippered pockets, and not keeping all my credit cards in one place, I made extra sure I would not be a victim. I succeeded in getting to the airport intact, thanks, perhaps, to Liketraveling's timely warning.
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Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Αθηνών
There are several trains an hour leaving from the airport.
Athens International Airport
This international airport is located outside the city of Athens.

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by Ed4000


Thanks for pointing Liketraveling's story out, I had missed that. That's scary to say the least. We dodged that bullet by staying at the Sofitel Athens Airport which was very nice and has a train right next door inside the airport that goes directly into the city, so you don't have to worry about moving luggage around through the city. Worked out great for us.

by traveler917


I actually considered that hotel for the night before my departure, as I had an early flight. I did something else instead, but it looked good.

by kozman


Good to hear you got there safe. We were 100% ready for Greece next year until we heard a story from a friend's parent about kids running up to them and going through their pockets and someone going through a purse on a train. Then I read Liketraveling's story. Yowza! Pass. And it's a bummer because we were so looking forward to Greece for the sheer history and food. Guess we'll have to put it off for down the road. =\

by Liketraveling


@traveler917, glad you made it back safely! We also take our fair amount of precautions but there is only so much you can do when you travel with luggage. If we would not have had a large suitcase each, it would have been so much easier to navigate the subway.