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Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Newport, OR, United States
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At 93 feet tall, the lighthouse at Yaquina Head is Oregon's tallest. The day we arrived it was about 35 degrees with a 25 mph wind, so we had the place to ourselves. Or rather I had the place to myself, as lovely wife took one step outside the car and decided the view from the car window was just fine, thank you. So I pulled my collar tight and headed off to see it up close. It was worth the short walk to read about the place's history and admire it's dramatic position on the rocky coastline. The light was made in Paris in 1868 and shipped to Oregon, where it was completed in 1873. I enjoyed reading and thinking about the life here of the keepers, who lived in buildings that have since been demolished. There was a 2 story keeper's house for a family, and another single story building for a second keeper who was usually a bachelor. They had gardens and livestock to tend to, and just thinking about the relationships, squabbles, and dynamics of what it might have been like between the people there being so isolated. I thought would make a good story. I might try to write it if I had more talent, and spent less time on travel stories! Ha!
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