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Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Newport, OR, United States
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There are quite a few light houses on the Oregon coast. We took a trip one day to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse just north of Newport Oregon.I am no expert, but assume that no lighthouses are in use anymore. Oh, many still have the lights that flash in the night, some still even have the fog horns with their deep haunting sounds that used to warn ships at sea that they were approaching dangerous waters. With GPS and radar, lighthouses are little more than a curiosity, a remembrance of a different time.

As it turns out, this lighthouse, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is Oregon's tallest, and also it's second oldest continually running lighthouse. There are no more lighthouse keepers, they replaced the oil lamp with an electric light and is now pretty much automatic and operated from somewhere other than the lighthouse itself.

I suppose that it is the romantic in me, perhaps the hermit, but I would have liked to be a lighthouse keeper.

The day we were there, the lighthouse was closed, but it is usually opened to the public, and you can climb all 114 steps to the top where the light is ...... of course that's if you are at least 42" tall (they're worried about you falling through the the old stairs and handrails).

We will go back again when we can go inside. There is a memorial plaque outside to sailors and fisherman lost at sea, we have seen these in quite a few other places along the Oregon Coast. The Ocean can be a dangerous place at times along the Oregon Coast.

There is also a small deck and viewing area out back. They have one of those stand up binocular type devices, I think you had to put 50 cents in for about a minute or two. You can look down at seal lions basking about or the hundreds of sea birds squabbling about who knows what.

I enjoyed the time here, and you will too ...... if you go that is.
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Bars and nightlife

Nana's Irish Pub
It's a Pub, it's a Restaurant. This is a great place for a cold one and a Reuben ..... or lots of other Irish fare.

For kids

Hatfield Marine Science Center
Close to the aquarium is this place where the kids can touch an octopus and other squishy marine life .... they'll love it.


Rodeway Inn
This place is also on the main highway through town but it is an inexpensive option and a quality place to boot.
Starfish Point Motel
Another place with spectacular ocean sunset views. Also on the higher end of places, but you get what you pay for.
Agate Beach Motel
One of the best views, just a bit to the north end of town ..... but not a budget motel.
Newport Econo Lodge
I wouldn't.
Newport Bay Motel
It's nice and we stayed here once but again it is on the main drag through town.
Waves Motel
What can I say but that we've stayed here at least 25 times .... but then it holds something special for us.
Money Saver Motel
We stayed here once to save a dime ..... wouldn't do it again .... clean and cheap but right on the highway.
The Whaler
We like this place .... great ocean views from most every room.

Points of interest

Beverly Beach State Park
This is another really nice park both for day trips or camping.
South Beach State Park
If you are traveling with an RV ..... stay here, you won't regret it.
Nye Beach
This is the old part of town that is becoming the new yuppy part of town.


Canyon Way Bookstore & Restaurant
Well it's actually both. Half way down the winding road to the bay front .... get a window seat overlooking the bay.
Shilo Restaurant
Get a table at the window before sunset and the food will taste even better ..... spectacular views.
Ocean Blue Seafoods At Ginos
When we're down on the bay front this is the place we go to most often for some fish and chips.
M&P Authentic Thai Cuisine
I'm starting to warm to Thai food ..... they say this is wonderful.
Yummy Bowl Restaurant
Three times we've eaten here when we get the "Chinese" craving and have ever been let down.
Chalet Restaurant & Bakery
I don't really know why but this is the place we go to most often for breakfast ..... sort of a local Denny's kind of place.
Mo's Annex
And sometimes Mo's can be packed so less than a block away is the annex .... same food different servers.
Mo's Restaurants
The always popular Mo's is a sure bet if you want something from the sea.
Local Ocean Seafoods
A lot of the folks like this place .... we prefer others but that doesn't mean we're right .... just our preference.
Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach
One of the popular fish places on the coast ..... we always enjoy the food here.

Special activities

Seal Rock State Park & Hwy. 101
Seal Rock is a small congestion of homes and business's about 10 miles south of Newport with some interesting shops and a beautiful ocean view.
Moolack Beach
Just north of town is this great stop where one can find fossils on the beach.
Oregon Coast Aquarium
A must see ..... around $20 bucks for an adult, but hey, what else you gonna do with your money?

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by bethh1902


Have you been to the Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast? They have a wonderful B and B where you stay in the light keepers house. It comes with a gourmet 7 course breakfast-wonderful! Also, there is a resident ghost! You could stay there and pretend you were the light keeper!

by KauaiHawaiiGuy


Thanks Beth ..... I've driven by, been to the beach right below it, but have never stayed there. Sounds like fun, I think we will.