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Xeriscaping is Beautiful!

Canutillo, TX, United States
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Before I entered the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, I could not help but notice the beautiful xeriscaping on the grounds of this Museum. For those not familiar with the concept of xeriscaping, it is a style of landscaping that emphasizes desert plants such as cactus. Xeriscaping is very popular in the El Paso area.

Unlike Dallas, Houston, and other Texas cities, El Paso has an extremely dry climate. While cities such as Dallas-Fort Worth are full of beautifully manicured suburban lawns, El Paso does not have this luxury. Water is scarce out here, and trying to maintain a lush green lawn is considered a Fool's errand, if not downright irresponsible, due to the scarcity of water.

Thus, many El Pasoans use xeriscaping to beautify their homes and lawns. It is environmentally friendly, it showcases native vegetation, and quite honestly it is very beautiful in its own way.

This example is located on the grounds of the museum north of El Paso near the town of Canutillo.
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El Paso Museum of Archaeology
This is an outstanding museum which tells the story of the Peoples of the El Paso-Juarez Region.

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