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Worth a drive if you like holes in the ground (and I do)

Winslow, AZ, United States
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When solid objects hit a solid surface at high rates of speed, the force of impact can do a lot of damage. Whether the projectile comes from outer space, or from something here on Earth. Outside the very small town of Winslow, Arizona there is a scar on the Earth’s surface – about a mile wide – from where a meteorite about the size of a VW bug slammed into the crust and definitely left a mark. Making impact only about 56,000 years ago, there were surly people ‘around’ to see the aftermath and you have to wonder what that day looked like. The best part of the visit is that the object struck the middle of the high desert (i.e. middle of nowhere) and as you drive and drive the landscape is flat as can be … until you see two bumps on the horizon – these are the two sides of the rim that were violently pushed up during the energy release. Knowing what you’re looking at is half the fun!
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