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Work trip to North Carolina

Hillsborough, NC, United States
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I recently had to take a business trip to the charming town of Hillsborough North Carolina. It was the beginning of the fall so the leaves were all starting to change colors. Which was a beautiful scene as we were driving around the area. We were only there for a couple days so being able to really explore was sadly out of the question. But we were able to visit a couple great restaurants and we stayed at an adorable Bed & Breakfast called the Teardrop Inn. The owner was a charming older man that really wants to get to know everyone that stays at his place. He is friendly and warm and loves sharing a great breakfast.
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Inn at Teardrops
Inn at Teardrops
This was a beautiful old victorian bed & breakfast. The owner has a cute little dog that roams the halls. The breakfast was great and they even gave each person their own orange bear.


Laplace Louisiana Cookery
This a Southern/French Louisiana style restaurant. We ordered quite a few things and shared.
Hillsborough BBQ Company
Amazing BBQ spot. Everything was delicious but the portions are pretty big. I would recommend getting a few things and sharing.

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