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Wood framed Houses of Haiti

Léogâne Arrondissement, Ouest Department, Haiti
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Most houses built in Haiti these days are built of rebar and concrete because those are the cheapest and most accessible materials, and also probably to some degree because the country is so famously deforested and doesn't have its own timber industry. However, that seems to not always have been the case. The little areas that do still have wood framed houses are very beautiful, and really brighten up neighborhoods as they are usually painted in beautiful bright and breezy colors. Some areas have more of these than others. Leogane still has some and Jacmel as well. I would love to revisit these areas and see how things have changed since I was last there.
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portail léogane
To get to Leogane on public transportation you can take a bus from Port au Prince to Portail Leogane, which is a bus stop and traffic circle from which you can get a moto or similar transportation to places nearby.


Ocean Grill
This is a more expensive restaurant that is geared towards outsiders, which is both good and bad. Good food, high prices, but also a comfortable atmosphere

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