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Winter wonderland?

Manalapan, FL, United States
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Ok, so maybe South Florida’s tri-county area of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties is not exactly what comes to mind when one is getting into the Christmas spirit. But guess what? A good deal of folks down here have a lot of cash to splash about and many so situated folks opt to fork over a healthy sum to totally deck out their luxury beachside properties. I can dig it! I have to say, the level of detail and effort put into these decorations far exceeds anything I have ever done or attempted in the Christmas decoration arena. Heck, I would be afraid of having to pay the electric bill for all these lights! It is a beautiful scene, though I do wonder if the residents ever regret the decision to decorate. It brings a lot of lookie-loos who drive really slowly to appreciate the lights, which probably makes it tough on residents who are actually trying to get somewhere.
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