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Winter Nights at Mission Beach

San Diego, CA, United States
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My younger brother was awarded a scholarship to play football for the San Diego Aztecs two years ago, so he embarked on his new life 6 hours south of his hometown. As much as I just love football (sense my sarcasm), my work schedule had prohibited me from making it to any of his games this season. Over the Thanksgiving break, however, I finally had a string of days off in a row which allotted the much needed family time to travel down to watch his final season home game.

Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted with the picturesque skyline of a wonderfully stereotypical California city; palm trees, sunshine and blue skies in the middle of what would be in any other state, a colder winter day. Across the freeway from where we stayed was a large mall with a “double decker” Target that my mother just couldn’t get enough of. Along with the “double decker” were a plethora of beautiful designer stores, boutiques and kitchy bistros and coffee shoppes.

Arriving around 5’oclock in the evening didn’t leave much time for the beach day we had hoped for, but following the drop off of our bags we all piled back in the car to head down to the infamous Mission Beach for a stroll along the beach. The sunset was quite literally breath taking. There is no camera that could possible capture the beauty that it was. I tried, trust me. The water was not cold, the beaches weren’t dirty and the people were not stressed. It was the most wonderful winter night.

The next day was the big game at Qualcomm Stadium, home of the San Diego Chargers. What a day, what a view, what a city.
So glad I had the time off to go watch my little brother shine. Maybe I’ll start liking football.. who knows!
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Mission Beach
Trendy area full of life.


This restaurant is amazing. You order everything from an iPad that allows you to build and customize your own meal.


Qualcomm Stadium
Qualcomm Stadium
Home to the San Diego Chargers- beautiful large stadium.

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