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Wine time in Rome

00187 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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It is no secret that Rome is the place to go if you want a glass of delicious wine. This little gem right here was a couple of bucks for about two glasses of the house red. It turns out that just about every restaurant in the city of Rome offers a pretty great house red or white for less than they will charge you for water (which is strange in a city which has free water fountains all over the place.) Of course they have some pricier versions, but honestly, the house wines were always really good and you know… When in Rome!
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Hotel Diplomatic
This hotel was really nice and offered a free breakfast.

Points of interest

St. Angelo Bridge
Right in front of the castle, this beautiful bridge spans the Tiber
St. Peter's Basilica
The worlds largest christian basilica. Lines here are very long
Castel Sant'Angelo
On the river, one of the popular things to do in the area.
Vatican Museums
Buy your tickets in advance or run the risk of waiting in line for hours
Piazza Cavour
Really close to the restaurant. We would let our kids run around while we people watched and looked at the sculptures.
Vatican City
Not far from the restaurant. Grab some wine and take in the beauty of this country within a country
Spanish Steps
This restaurant was maybe a five minute walk away, so why not visit both? Just don't sit here!
Rome is such an amazing city. Plan on at least five days here.


La Francescana
La Francescana
This is where we got the pictured wine. It paired nicely with our pasta

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by dyrd1955


We found the house wines to be fine as well. Here in the States we are not used to paying for water, it is if I have to pay!!