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Williams Hotel

Williams, CA, United States
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Williams is a small town with under 6,000 people and covers about 5.4 square miles. As you drive down the main street, E Street, you will see the old Williams Hotel at the corner of Seventh Street. The hotel was built in 1877 at a price of $40,000. The hotel back in those days was a welcome addition to the town because there were people that traveled through Williams on train and stagecoach. In 1923 the hotel was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt not long after the fire. I found the outside wall of the hotel quite fun with the painted windows (not all are painted) and balcony. There are also paintings of people that appear to be walking by the hotel. There is also an old wagon sitting outside, in Town Square, being drawn by a horse statue. For such a small out of the way town there are some interesting sights and it takes you back in time.
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Sites Town Square
Sites Town Square
Williams Hotel is located at the Town Square in Historic Downtown Williams

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