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Wildflowers - Lassen Volcanic National Park

Drakesbad, CA, United States
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Due to the partial federal govt. shutdown lot of fans of the National Park Services are really suffering hard. A lot of the parks are closed and also in unsafe conditions due to the unavailability of snow crews. Keeping politics aside it is really a depressing situation for people like me who lives for the US national park. I thought it is better to post some of my old photos of the all US national parks that I have visited till now to feel little better and also to remind ourselves that lot of people working at these beautiful places are not getting paid. I am sure the NPS employees will get their paycheck later but what about the contract staff who work at the visitors center or at the lodges? They are not going to get any money. This is really a sorry state of our political affair. I am sorry, but I really had to make a statement here as I am not able to take this political nonsense anymore. By the way, this is a photo from Lassen Volcanic National Park that we visited last summer. The wildflower bloom was everywhere and this particular spot was just after entering the park and it was beautiful.
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