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Why I'd Return to Crete Tomorrow

Crete Region, Crete Region, Greece
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There are so many Islands in Greece, each different than the other, and some more popular than others. I was flying out of Thessaloniki and was offered a 26 hour stopover in Crete. It looked small and sweet, and was rated well online.

We never say no to seeing new places, so my friend and I jumped on the opportunity. I saw no big hotel chain, so opted for the cheap hotel in the great neighborhood. The hotel, cheap as it was, offered the most outstanding views.

The beaches were pretty and quiet, and the Greece sunsets never ever disappoint.

Take me back to Crete, YESTERDAY!
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CreteCab - Taxi & Airport Transfers Crete
Lots of taxis in Crete will rip you off, but I found CreteCabs to be very honest and accommodating.

Bars and nightlife

beer o'clock
This bar had a ton of different beers to choose from , and delicious onion rings!
Revolution bar
This is a fabulous bar, with really good service and cheap drinks.

Culture and experiences

Archaeological Museum Of Heraklion
If you are fascinated by archeology, this is definitely high up on the to-do-list!


Iraklion Hotel
The hotel with the nicest view ever. I highly recommend this property.

Points of interest

Elafonissi Beach
A gorgeous beach with PINK SAND. I have never seen anything like it.


Pepe Nero Trattoria
Very homey Italian restaurant with really classy presentation. Felt like I was in Milan!
Cooking with love
The food tasted old and bland, had a terrible experience here.


Philosophies Greek Premium Products
Small gift shop with lots of gift ideas, and service with a smile!

Special activities

Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre
This is a reptile rescue, so you really see things you would not see in any other aquarium!

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by h_preece


The water is so blue!