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Who stops at the brown “Historical Marker” signs?

Rochert, MN, United States
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I have driven by a brown “historical marker ahead” sign at least 50 times before and never stopped. I wondered how many people stop at these? Well this weekend I decided to stop. There was nothing fascinating to see - just a sign - but the information was actually very interesting to me. (I’m serious) It pertained to the highway I was driving on, which used to be called Shell Prairie road in 1882 and was used by the first European Settlers to the area. The old growth timber surrounding the area was logged and driven down the Ottertail river to the mill. I did a story I think last week about tubing down the Ottertail and it’s interesting to know the logging history. In addition, the wild rice beds in the area have supported the Native Americans for centuries. So I learned something new just by stopping. Most people would probably find it boring, but I am fascinated in history, especially if I can find a personal connection to it.
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