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White Mosque of Tashkent!

Tashkent, Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan
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The Minor Mosque or The White Mosque of Tashkent was opened in 2014 so it is still considered a fairly new thing to the capital city for tourists to visit. The Minor mosque is beautifully designed with its white marble finishing white shines and definitely an eye catcher. I took a bunch of photos here and its surrounding arrea which is landscaped well. The dome of the Minow mosque is an attractive color of torquoise. My local guide had told me that the mosque has a capacity of 2,400 people. The open space around the mosque makes it a destination for locals to come at night and just gather and stroll in the city.
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Tashkent Metro is famous for its beautiful design and also the efficient service.
Tashkent International Airport -Terminal 3
This airport is small, but very efficient and as the gateway of the capital city.
Uzbekistan Airways National Air Company
Uzbekistan Airways is the way to go flying around Uzbekistan and discovering its ancient cities.

Culture and experiences

Ko'kaldosh Madrasasi
This is an Islamic school in the capital city. The garden is so nice also.
Barakhan Madrasah
One place you can't miss in Tashkent! Tashkent may be a big and busy capital but there are lots of cultural sites to see here also.
Tillya Sheikh Mosque
This mosque when visited during a rainy day, regardless it was so beautiful here and one of the biggest and nicest places to check out in Tashkent.
Minor Mosque
The Minor mosque is also known as the White Mosque of Tashkent newly built in 2014.


Uzbekistan Hotel
Soviet Era hotel that grabs a lot of attention in Tashkent! This place is a tourist site of its own. Had a great stay here overall.

Points of interest

Skver Im. Amira Temura
Right across from the hotel is this busy and lively square.
Tashkent Tower
Awesome structure in the capital city. Saw lots of tourists around here.
I had a great time traveling around this Central Asian country. From food crawls to its ancient cities!
Definitely a beautiful destination in Central Asia. Busy capital but so much culture and delicious foods to offer.


Yapona Mama
Pretty pricey, but the sushi was pretty good and filling.
Plov Center
Hands down one of the best plates of Plovs I had in Uzbekistan.


Awesome place to shop for bargain stuff and also some street food.
Chorsu Market
Amazing local market to check out in the capital city. Make sure to get some goodies to go!

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