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Whirlwind Estes Park Tour in Colorado

Estes Park, CO, United States
28 Kudos
On a whirlwind wedding weekend in Boulder we didn't expect to make it very far off the beaten path of the Pearl Street Mall, but it turns out we were able to get away for a half a day to Estes Park, and what an amazingly memorable few hours it was!

Driving through Estes Park is a great experience because almost anyone can do it. Mobility issues, small children in tow, not the greatest hiker, forgot your problem! Just a drive up to the top of Estes Park you'll cross through so many different types of climate with all of their different types of vegetation and all their different types of wildlife. Stop in the little waystations along the way for snacks, info about the park, souvenirs for your friends, and chat up those pro rangers.

Every so often, pull over into a scenic overlook for photos, take pictures in the rock formations, resist feeding the little chipmunks on the stone walls, and soak up a view that you'll feel very lucky to have experienced in person.

Then, daydream about a time when you can come by and stay a little longer!
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Points of interest

Estes Park Visitor Center - Silver
The visitor center is a must do to get the info you need to really appreciate what you're seeing.

Special activities

Estes Park KOA
A budget friendly way to stay and enjoy Estes a little while longer.

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