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Oslo, Oslo, Norway
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Langoyene, an island in the Oslofjord archipelago, is an undeveloped island a short public ferry ride from town, although the dock was a bit difficult to find tucked away next to industrial shipping and a grain silo. Scandanavia has the concept of "all man's rights," in which you can camp just about anywhere with no fees and few regulations; this island was a very popular destination for such camping, as well as a day destination to have a picnic and visit the beach. When every activity is so expensive, enjoying the outdoors for no cost at all is a refreshing change.
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Anker Hostel
This place is rather sterile, and doesn't come with much. We saved a bunch of money by having our own sheets and towels.

Points of interest

Viking Ship Museum
3 very well-preserved Viking ship used for burials in the 9th century
The Royal Palace
Home to an even sillier monarchy than Sweden: Norway and Sweden were one country until 1905; in the divorce, Sweden kept the royal family. Norwegians voted that they wanted a king, so they called up a Danish prince to see if he'd take job. They're very proud that the new royal family thoroughly embraced skiing upon their move.
Great views and interesting history of skiing in this part of the world


Delicatessen Grünerløkka
Strange name for a very good tapas restaurant. Mostly Spanish-style food, including the chorizo and chevre w/honey we got, although we incorporated some local flair by getting Norwegian meatballs. We had a late lunch/early dinner, and the place was nearly empty, but when we passed by again after a walk around the Grunerlokka neighborhood, it was crazy crowded.

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